Skydive Auckland

    Feel heart-stopping adrenaline pump through your veins as you experience terminal velocity in New Zealand’s favourite thrill.


    Why we love Skydive Auckland
    Take in stunning views from thousands of feet above it all. Situated in Parakai, Skydive Auckland allows for impressive views of west and east coasts of New Zealand.  Skydiving in New Zealand is an unforgettable experience, made even better by Skydive Auckland’s fantastic staff.


    About the activity
    If you’re ever going to throw yourself out of a perfectly good airplane, Auckland is the place to do it. Skydive Auckland takes you to the mind-numbing height of 16,500ft, making this the highest tandem skydive in the North Island. Jumping from this dizzying altitude gives you an unbelievable 75 second freefall. Amidst your plummeting back to earth you can take in spectacular views of both coasts of NZ, and New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland City.


    Skydive Auckland can provide free transport from Auckland city to the small township of Parakai, where your jump will take place.


    Relax and Chill
    Heart Pounding