Blackwater Rafting & Caving

    Discover the magic of the underground world as you float beneath a myriad of glow worms lighting your way, or roam through a network of mysterious passageways and over the rushing waters of the Ruakuri Cave.


    Why we love Blackwater Rafting & Caving
    The legendary black water rafting company’s collection of tours combine caving and black water rafting for one incredible day, deep in the depths of the earth in a series of hidden underground passageways that make up the Ruakuri cave.


    About the activity
    Whether you want to float your way through the deepest depths of the caves underneath a dazzling display of glow worms or traverse the rocky cliffs of ancient, hidden passageways; these tours have it all. The legendary black water rafting company was New Zealand’s first black water rafting company, established in 1987, the company is the only tour company that explores the impressive Ruakuri Cave. There are three tours to choose from, each ranging in length and difficulty. Each tour combines a different set of cave activities, you can abseil, climb or raft your way through the caves and even zoom down an underground flying fox.


    Relax and Chill
    Heart Pounding