Canyon Fox

    Remember those fun flying foxes you used to ride as a child? Well, this isn’t like that – 182 metres high, this flying fox is like no other! Launch yourself over the Shotover Canyon for a bird’s eye view of the gushing turquoise waters of the Shotover River and some adrenaline filled fun.


    Why we love Canyon Fox
    This unique system launches you into the canyon as you sprint off the ramp and drops you on to the fox. Nearly 500 metres long, the Shotover Canyon fox is a unique and exciting way to realise the magnificent beauty of the canyon below.


    About the activity
    Located atop of the Shotover Canyon, this thrilling fox is a great way to face your fears. Transportation from a convenient pickup point to the fox is included in your experience. If you have a GoPro you may take it along for the ride (as long as it has a strapped mount), but if you don’t, there are many different photo packs you can purchase to prove to your friends that you made this insane leap of faith.

    Make sure to wear closed in shoes and to empty your pockets before you jump. It is also recommended that you bring a jacket, hat, and gloves during winter as it gets pretty cold on top of the canyon.


    Relax and Chill
    Heart Pounding