Canyon Swing

    109 metre cliff with a 60 metre free-fall sound good to you? The Shotover Canyon Swing is nothing short of an insane adrenaline rush and is an absolute must do for any thrill seeker in Queenstown.


    Why we love Shotover Canyon Swing
    The staff’s kind, supportive approach and no rush policy, make you feel comfortable undertaking this crazy leap of faith. Jump with a chair if you’d like, or maybe you’d prefer to slide off the edge; Shotover Canyon Swing offers you a range of insane variations of this jump, all ranging in different levels of ‘undie-staining’ thrill.


    About the activity
    The world’s largest cliff jump, the Shotover Canyon Swing is 109m high; with a 60m free fall and a 200m swing. A product of classic Kiwi ingenuity, this unique system is the only one of its kind in the world, and with over 70 variations on the jump; you can choose you thrill factor. You can also choose between a solo and tandem jump, so share this experience with your best friend or significant other if you’re nervous.


    Make sure to clean out your pockets and wear closed in shoes and you’ll be set for a fantastic jump.


    Relax and Chill
    Heart Pounding