Cathedral Cove Kayaking

    Kayak from the beautiful Hahei Beach to the spectacular Cathedral Cove. As you paddle, you will get to explore hidden sea caves and encounter marine life up-close; this truly is the only way to see the iconic Cathedral Cove.


    Why we love Cathedral Cove Kayaking
    Great guides, breath-taking scenery, and unique aquatic life make this tour unmissable. Traveling by kayak, you get to see everything the stunning Cathedral Cove has to offer.


    About the activity
    Crystal clear waters and sandy shores, Cathedral Cove is easily one of the most beautiful beaches in the world made famous by its part in scenes of The Chronicles of Narnia. Explore its waters and the surrounding Te Whanganui-A-Hei Marine Reserve as you paddle through paradise. This tour will take you from Hahei Beach to the iconic Cathedral Cove, where you can explore sea caves and encounter marine life. The fantastic guides have heaps to teach you about the history and geology of the area and their positive, happy attitude will make even the first-timers feel at ease.


    When you reach the beach, cappuccinos and hot chocolate are provided by your guide. Be sure to bring a water bottle and your camera to capture the incredible scenery.


    Relax and Chill
    Heart Pounding