Dart River Funyak

    Journey deep into the heart of the Dart River while you float through hidden chasms that showcase the best nature has to offer, you will truly be paddling through paradise on this tour.


    Why we love Funyaks
    Kayaks will allow you to reach extraordinary hidden spots that are inaccessible on foot. These exceptional spots include, crystal clear rock pools and fascinating hidden chasms that feel as if you are paddling into the middle of the Earth, making for a unique and unmissable experience.


    About the activity
    This tour is a true delight; you get to see the river in two vastly different ways – jet boating and kayaking. Therefore, compiling two different activities into the one experience.


    Your journey starts with an exhilarating Wilderness Jet boating experience down to the Funyaks launch site. After a thrilling ride, you will get a chance to unwind and really take in the beauty of the South Island and its many treasures as you kayak your way through the hidden ravines of the Dart River. The inflatable kayaks will be waiting for you at the launch site, and for the less experienced kayakers; don’t worry the tour guides will teach you everything you need to know to make the most of your experience. You will then stop off for a peaceful picnic in the Mt. Aspiring National Park to regenerate, ready for more kayaking fun after lunch.


    Relax and Chill
    Heart Pounding