Glacier Tour

    Get up close and personal with fascinating icebergs and New Zealand’s very own Tasman Glacier. An expedition like no other, this glacier tour will give a rare glimpse of frozen history.


    Why we love Glacier Tour
    This fantastic tour gives you a rare opportunity to encounter icebergs up close. The awesome guides know everything there is to know about the glacier and give you an in-depth explanation of glaciation, plate tectonics and local history, flora and fauna.


    About the activity
    The glacier tour begins with a thirty-minute alpine walk through the surrounding National Park. Once on the customer built MAC boat, your guide will take you around what is called the Terminal lake, which is the result of the steady melting of the glacier thanks to global warming. It does however, give you the opportunity to approach the resulting icebergs, where you can touch and even taste the glacial ice.


    It is recommended that you bring an extra warm layer of clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen and a waterproof jacket on this adventure.


    Relax and Chill
    Heart Pounding