Hukafalls Jet

    Strap in and get ready for the ride of your life; feel the power of jetboating on this exhilarating tour of Huka Falls. Experience crazy stunts in the rushing white water at the base of the spectacular falls – this truly is an activity you can’t miss.


    Why we love Hukafalls Jet
    This exhilarating jet boating experience is the only one of its kind permitted to take you to the base of the powerful Huka Falls, where you’ll get to experience a ride packed with daring stunts.


    About this activity
    The Huka Falls jet operates on the Waikato River where you’ll get to marvel at the unique sight of clouds of steam that rise from where Taupo’s hot streams meet the river. Feel the wind rush through your hair as your jet reaches insane speeds weaving through the river’s narrow canals, piloted by your skilled, experienced driver. This particular jet boating experience offers you a unique vantage point in which to witness the gushing turquoise waters of the famous Huka Falls. You’ll get to enjoy dizzying stunts as your driver plays in the white water of the falls – this is a must-do while in Taupo.


    Relax and Chill
    Heart Pounding