Kawarau Jet

    Experience one of the world’s most stunning locations with an unforgettable hour of power. With remarkable thrills, spins and exhilaration across three waterways, this is one to get your blood pumping.


    Why we love K Jet

    K Jet is an incredible way to take in the rich scenery of Queenstown while making the most of its well-known title; Adventure Capital of the World. With the power to accelerate in speeds of 95km/ph through water as shallow as 5cm, we love the thrill of skimming around boulders and through the spectacular narrow Shotover Canyons.


    About this activity

    Get off Queenstown’s main town pier and into the world’s first commercial jet boat ride where you’ll experience a wild ride across the tranquil water of Lake Wakatipu and down New Zealand’s beautiful Shotover and Kawarau Rivers. Experience Queenstown’s only hair-raising, full 360 degree spins with the only company permitted to operate in the spectacular Shotover river canyons. Covering 43 kilometres of New Zealand waters, remember to hold on tight while you gape at the surrounding snow peaks and alpine scenery along with some of New Zealand’s rich and famous properties costing millions of dollars.


    Sit back, don’t relax, and get ready to enjoy some epic scenery at exhilarating speeds!


    Relax and Chill
    Heart Pounding