Whale Watching

    Get up-close to these majestic animals at New Zealand’s favourite whale watching spot. Kaikoura offers whale sightings like no other and is an unmissable whale watching destination for any tourist.


    Why we love Whale Watching
    Few places in the world rival Kaikoura’s abundance of wildlife on both land and sea. On this cruise, you’ll get to see seals, dolphins, marine birds and of course the main attraction, whales, closer than ever before.


    About this activity
    Known across New Zealand for its local sperm whale population, Kaikoura is the best spot in New Zealand to see these magnificent creatures. You will most likely encounter Kaikoura’s abundant population of dolphins on your hunt for whales. The most common and most acrobatic of the dolphin’s found in Kaikoura’s waters, the dusky dolphins, are sure to put on a show; diving in and out of the water and playing in the boat’s wake. You can expect to see Sperm whales on your cruise, as they frequent the area thanks to Kaikoura’s 3km deep canyon, which allows for an abundance in food supply and sustains its marine life.


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